Try this Knock Your Socks Off Asian Beef & Udon Noodle Recipe

With the crisper fall weather approaching, this recipe serves up a satisfyingly tasty warm-your-insides dish. From a dietitian point of view, this meal is well balanced, using a lean cut of beef with a solid helping of baby spinach and some udon noodles. For those who want to avoid beef, feel free to use chicken, shrimp or tofu, but consuming lean beef in moderation does not take a toll on your heart health like eating large portions of fattier cuts. Beef also has the highest amount of absorbable iron. I slightly adapted this recipe from Wagamama's original, cutting down slightly on the quantity of some ingredients while pumping up the baby spinach portion, but remember spinach shrinks tre

Double Duty: An Easy Peasy One Pot Dish Fast Enough for the Weeknight Yet Impressive Enough to Serve

Now that I have a new little guy to take care of time and simplicity are of the essence! But whether you have 5 kids or cooking for yourself, your time is precious. Read on for my easy, balanced and dare I say fancy Asparagus and Sausage Risotto recipe that drums up a clean bowl from my 3 year old son as well as compliments from our foodie friends. If you're wondering what I mean by "balanced" it's because it incorporates a vegetable, protein and starch all in one pot. And except for about 5 minutes while the vegetables are being chopped I can tend to a crying 5 week old or easily converse with friends. Plus I discovered that people tend to get excited when you're cooking risotto for the

Are you ready for National Cheeseburger Day? Search no further, here is a healthy yet delicious reci

Hopefully I caught you before you went grocery shopping because I wanted you to be prepared for this coming Monday's National Cheeseburger Day! Plus how easy is it having burgers for dinner? Super easy. And it's a crowd pleaser. Here's a recipe that will also keep dinner nutritious. I blogged about the Perfect Turkey Burger before. I'm reposting the recipe below with a healthier twist on the classic burger and how our family will enjoy it-whole wheat buns and Cooper Sharp Cheese, which you can find at the deli counter. We'll keep the rest of the meal simple, making boiled corn on the cob (ready in 5 minutes!) and roasting broccoli and cauliflower florets seasoned with Kosher salt, pepper, P



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