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Welcome! Are you feeling stuck? Looking to optimize your health and wellness? Is it a challenge to execute the what, when and how to eat while juggling life's competing priorities? Even the strongest among us can feel unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy about their health, weight, food choices, and eating habits. As a Dietitian-Nutritionist, I can help you learn the keys that keep you on track and how to navigate your food environment successfully. I believe that your peak health is within reach!


I'm the Experienced Dietitian-Nutritionist, You're the Expert of You. We'll combine both forces to yield positive results.

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Since 2004, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to make it difficult to change their eating habits. Food is everywhere. Hunger is a reality. Aging is inevitable. By working together we will develop a plan to get you to where you want to be with your eating habits, health and weight. I've found my clients succeed because while food and nutrient needs will always be addressed, our sessions also target the necessary skill building to eat healthier, focus on your strengths and provide constructive feedback that is necessary to evoke change. We'll even entwine the psychology of eating, habits and behavior because it's not only about making "good" choices, but understanding your definition of how eating can be enjoyable while meeting the wellness vision you have for yourself.  I'd love to  partner with you to put your peak health within reach!

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Help Your Health Be in Balance

Whether you're an adult, adolescent or family striving to eat healthfully my goal is to educate and empower you to eat optimally to reach your goals while cultivating a healthy relationship with food. Working in Manhattan for over 10 years, my clients have come from all over the world spanning an array of cultures, religions and food preferences so I understand no one person is the same, yet we all usually want to feel good about our food choices.  I'd love to assist you in finding your path to better health and wellbeing with food so you can feel as good eating a cupcake as you do an apple. 

Want guidance on the balanced dining out options? 

Nutritional Cooking


Guidance & Knowledge

Do you feel like you are wondering about how to balance what you want to eat with what foods will lead to better physical and emotional health? Here are the following concerns I can help with:
Eating Disorders-anorexia, bulimia, Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

Disordered Eating Concerns

Weight Concerns

Weight Gain

Pre/Post Weight Loss Surgery
Insulin Resistance
Type 2 Diabetes 
Cardiovascular Disease/High Blood Pressure/High Cholesterol
Kidney (Renal) Function- kidney stones and CKD
Digestive Issues

Super Health Food


An Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure

Nutrition is a key component to perform your best both physically and mentally. Whether you're a 23-year old wanting to learn to cook and prepare for a marathon, a 65-year old looking to ensure optimal nutrition that matches a changing metabolism and nutrient needs or a couple about to get married or have children needing to know how to prepare their food environment for the upcoming changes to stay healthy and save money. A nutrition tune-up can get you back to feeling on track.


What's your reason?


Healthy Eating/Healthy Aging/Increasing Energy

Grocery Shopping/Food Prep

Family Nutrition


Lifespan Transitions



Redefining Your Relationship with Food

Working with a group is often a helpful way to not only find support, but to learn from others' perspectives. We all have our own experiences, however there are also common threads in we share.

The groups are an interactive, registered dietitian-led group aimed at improving health and wellbeing through food. Each group session will involve discussions exploring the benefits, barriers, thoughts and specific action plans around changing old habits and establishing new, healthier habits.

Group length varies, but typically meet weekly for 12 weeks with up to 6 participants. Each session will last 60 minutes and handouts. The small group format is intended to give everyone a voice and allow for individualized attention.

Please reach out to me for more details, but please note that your participation is important and requires a commitment to attend the sessions regularly. Payment is upfront to secure your seat and help motivate regular attendance.

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Looking to feeling inspired and motivated to acheiving your peak health? My subscibers get the goods to do just that!

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Contact me today to schedule a session. I'm happy to answer any questions.


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