When Life Gets Crazy Busy Don't Let Dinner Make You Even Crazier

Raise your hand if you ever wonder when you'll have enough time to get everything you want done not even to mention how cooking dinner will happen. Raise 2 hands if this is every week for you. :) While I'm hoping it's not every week for you, but if you're like me or my clients or friends or family members, it's probably more often than what is ideal. This post is for you if you also want to prepare homemade dinners and are also super time-crunched. My goal is to spur motivation that it can be done and while it will require effort, the real self-check is how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel better, keep it up, if not, re-evaluate. My blog dropped off over the past year in part because

Calling All Super Bowl Party Hosts: Two Tasty yet Healthy Recipes for Buffalo Chicken

I know what you may be thinking about this title-why "healthify" buffalo chicken dip and buffalo chicken wings for a Super Bowl Party? It happens once a year!! And I agree. If this is your time to have a treat, go for it. However these two recipe ideas are quite yummy and even if you don't want to modify your Super Bowl party offerings, can certainly be used when you have another buffalo wing craving. I use this buffalo chicken dip recipe to make buffalo chicken wraps, which my husband finds to be a delicious and satisfying lunch. These recommendations are coming from a place that if something that is lower calories, has higher quality ingredients AND is satisfying then it may better he



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