Chinese Food Craving? This Cauliflower Fried Rice Recipe Has You Covered

I'm often skeptical when I hear a vegetable substitute is just as good as the original (higher calorie or carb) food it's intending to replace. It happened with spiralized zucchini and it happened again with riced cauliflower. However, I still prefer to preface it's a delicious option if you're looking to add more vegetables into your life as opposed to the intention of totally replacing rice. I'm a big fan of mixing half (brown) rice and half riced cauliflower, but I encourage you to try it and decide for yourself what works best. And I especially encourage you to try it with this cauliflower fried rice recipe because the flavor is incredible! The recipe includes scrambled eggs that con

Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers: The Answer to Monday Night's Dinner After the Eagles Win the Supe

I know for many Philadelphia fans, these next few days will be spent making plans for the big game. So let's think about your health for a quick sec and aim to prepare this vegetable/protein forward dish this weekend before the Super Bowl. I promise, with the feta cheese, artichokes, ground turkey and spices this recipe will be a touchdown for sure! (And yes, the football puns are intended ;). Kicking off the week with a dinner all ready to go will make the week feel easier and also spread out those calories from extra indulging from the night before. I'm grateful to my friend Donna who texted me the recipe and here's why... What stands out in this recipe from a nutritional standpoint. F



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