Courtesy of Ina Garten: Weeknight Bolognese You Will Love

With Thanksgiving on its way, this recipe from Ina Garten is something I'm always thankful for because it's quick, healthy (with some of my modifications) and oh so satisfying. If you're looking to cut out or minimize pasta, spiralized zucchini hits the mark. Why this recipe is a winner. You can have it on the table in 35 minutes or less. It contains protein, vegetables, carbs and seasonings (to boost antioxidant intake), so it's balanced. It's easy clean up. You can modify it easily-use pasta as instructed, spiralized zucchini or a combination of the two! And people love it-I've served this numerous times to guests and it's a regular family weeknight meal because it's guaranteed to be met

Get Your Slow Cooking On with this Hearty Lasagna Soup Recipe

I love using our slow cooker because once the food is in there I can pretty much just forget about it-no stirring or worrying it's going to bubble over or burn. I recently checked out of the library Taste of Home's Skinny Slow Cooker. Tons of great recipes! I love getting cookbooks out of the library because it puts a subtle pressure to actually COOK a few of the recipes instead of accumulating more cookbooks to leaf through and "tab for later." This one is definitely worth buying. If you're anything like me, cooking even a handful of recipes is pretty impressive and what's helped increase the odds of making new dishes is paging through the cookbook, writing down the recipe title and pag

Beautiful Inside and Out: Can food really enhance your appearance? Yes say researchers!

I love it when I find other reasons to eat healthfully besides health-related. It increases my motivation to put in the extra effort when I'm not feeling super motivated. So in the wake of Halloween with its leftover pumpkins and in line with Fall's beautiful orange hues, here's two recipes (Rosemary Roasted Pumpkin and Cream of White Bean, Carrot and Ginger Soup) to get your dose of immune supporting nutrients to ward of cold season and boost your intake of beauty enhancing nutrients in spite of Daylight Savings Time. These recipes' ingredients offer tons of health benefit but for brevity I won't elaborate on all the ingredients. However ginger, cayenne, rosemary (spices & herbs general



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