A Must Make Recipe for Autumn's Apple Season...A Classic Comfort

Who loves baked cinnamon apples? Or the better question is, who doesn't love baked cinnamon apples? I brought this dish along with plain Greek yogurt to our bookclub (we spend 30 minutes talking about the book and the other 2.5 hours talking about everything else...its the best and I love the fact I'm reading free-reading books again). It makes me feel better than watching TV, so for your health I totally recommend book clubs and/or reading for pleasure-Try it out! Would love to hear what you think. I was thrilled and relieved when my fellow book clubbers urged me to make the Baked Apples this week's post. Great idea! And quite frankly, I had a busy week so we ate many of the recipes alrea

Enough Taco Recipes for One Heck of a Taco Fiesta!

This week we had taco night and I thought how about we give everyone two more delicious recipes we relished at my 3 year old son's birthday party that we themed "Cooper Loves Tacos". Since parties for Cooper are still only family with most being adults we decided to serve up 3 different dishes: basic tacos for the "kid in you" type of taco lover, pork carnitas for the "food truck lover" and shrimp ceviche (the "v" is pronounced as a "b" for those of us brushing up on our Spanish) for the "sophisticated" taco lover. I always get nervous hosting a party and these were all a hit and pretty easy to prepare because one of them cooks in a slow cooker and the other uses precooked shrimp. For the

Quick Comfort Food Classic: The Sloppy Joe. Plus Green Beans for Kids (and Adults).

This week's recipe is a throwback my childhood when my Dad made us lunch. My sister and I had to be under the age of six, but I have vivid memories of our excitement when he made his Sloppy Joe's (from a can). The other fond memory is when we rode our bikes to Burger King (on a busy road without a helmet...oh the 80's). Although I honestly can say I never have cravings for a Burger King happy meal, when the weather is dark and chilly and I want something quick and filling this Sloppy Joe recipe (with a few changes) is our family's go to. The weeknight at the grocery store when we decided Sloppy Joes were a great idea for a last minute dinner, I had trouble finding the canned Sloppy Joe, bu

Crisp, Scrumptious and Satisfying Salad Ideas...Plus How to Eat More Fish that's Less Fishy

Last week we had fall weather in the Northeast, but this week was back to summertime weather, so we enjoyed some more summer style salads. However it can be a challenge to find a salad that's both satisfying, yet isn't equivalent to the calories of a Big Mac (sneaky additions of TOO much cheese, nuts, dried fruit, avocado and potentially high fat dressings). Enter my Caesar salad and Greek Salad recipe finds. Although our little one isn't into lettuce or a mixture of veggies, he'll select his 1 raw vegetable and put his choice on the side, so it checks off the veggie box. His fav "dressing" is hummus and peanut butter (who knew PB&carrots were such a tasty pairing?!). There are many nutr



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