Everybody Loves Tacos...even with mushrooms?! I promise!

I was so inspired by the Perfect Turkey Burger recipe which included mushrooms that I thought I'd apply the concept to other dishes too. One of my nearly 3 year old son's (Cooper) favorite dishes are tacos and it also happens to be the main topic of one of his favorite books and a great read for all ages, Dragons Love Tacos. (And you can find matching PJ's! I digress...) So naturally when I want to have a night of guaranteed success at the table, tacos will be the day's special. In general tacos are crowd pleasers and pretty simple to prepare in a pinch. As a dietitian, I'm always thinking about the nutritional value of the meals I prepare for my fam and tacos have their pluses and minuses

An easy and healthy recipe that will provide enough food for dinner and delicious homemade lunches a

Believe it or not I’m going to give you a recipe for roasted chicken. If you’re having thoughts of long and drawn out preparations for your Thanksgiving turkey, trust me, this is different and will not disappoint. For a better part of the year, I’ve roasted chickens in the oven since I’m roasting my own little bun in the oven and wanted options for sandwiches that mimicked the ease of lunchmeat (Why you might want to avoid lunchmeat while pregnant). This entailed brushing olive oil over the skin, stuffing it with lemon, fresh garlic and onion as well as often concocting elaborate spice blends to ensure a juicy bird. It’s been perfect because the result is a dinner our family loves and pro



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